My Vitamin E Nutrition Supplement

If there was a single most important nutrition supplement to delay aging, it is vitamin E.

nutrition supplement

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant present in the skin. It is also found in various foods, such as vegetables, seeds, and meat. The active isoforms are grouped into tocopherols and tocotrienols. Among the tocopherols, a-tocopherol (AT) has the highest activity. It prevents clogging of the arteries, protects us from UV-B, especially when combined with vitamin C. It also protects against cancer. The RDA is 25 IU, but the optimum dose is 400 IU.

If nutrition supplement is taken in larger doses, say at 800 IU, vitamin E may increase the chances of bruising and cause headache, diarrhea, and increased blood pressure.

Not taking vitamin E nutrition supplement, on the other hand, may be equivalent to the risk posed by smoking.

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