Selenium Nutrition Supplement

nutrition supplement

This essential mineral nutrition supplement has powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties

but as we age, the levels of selenium fall. Decreased levels are associated with higher incidence of heart disease, aging, cancer, and arthritis. A properly functioning thyroid also needs selenium. Selenium is found in grains, sunflower seeds, garlic, Brazil nut, meat, seafood like tuna swordfish, and nutrition supplements. Very little nutrition supplement doses are recommended, somewhere between fifty-five and 200 mcg/D. Overdose of this nutrition supplement (more than 400 mcg/day) can be harmful and can cause hair loss.

There are other oral nutrition supplement available in the market.

Many will claim to be a magic pill’ if not cure-all.

Before you even think of popping a nutrition supplement, read about it first to see if it really works, if it is really what you need, and, most important, if it will not give you problems instead of solutions, or even endanger your health and your life.

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