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Our skin works just as hard as we do. Every day, it produces new cells, which push up to the surface, replace damaged cells, and give us that radiant glow. The problem? After 30, this natural renewal process slows down. And, to add wrinkle to injury, our collagen production drops, too. (By the time we turn 40, it’s decreased by 40%). Our skin looks dull and saggy – not something you can easily hide with concealer.

But there’s hope!

Certain nutrition supplement vitamins can boost the skin’s renewal, slowing down aging while healing the rest of our body, too.

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Vitamin A nutrition supplement helps prevent skin cancer, flushes out free radicals, and lowers sebum production (bye-bye, oily skin!).

But to fight acne, you need a nutrition supplement dosage of 10,000 IU (consult your dermatologist). Nutrition supplement bonus: Crucial for good eye-sight, which also deteriorates with age.

Vitamin B Complex nutrition supplement helps preserve moisture (perfect for dry skin!), and exfoliates dead skin cells, bringing out a clearer, brighter skin. And since it improves circulation and metabolism, it can help give you that youthful, naturally rosy glow. Nutrition supplement bonus: Studies show that vitamin B nutrition supplement can relieve stress and anxiety.

Vitamin C is your skin’s “power nutrition supplement”.

Let us count the ways: (1) it fights the free radicals that speed up aging, and helps repair the damage that’s already been done; (2) prevents blotchiness and dark spots because it suppresses skin pigmentation and decomposes melanin; and, (3) boosts collagen production. Nutrition supplement bonus: A six-year study done show that taking mega-doses of vitamin C can lower your risk for stroke.

Vitamin E nutrition supplement reverses the damage caused by sun exposure, improve skin elasticity and moisture, and can even prevent wrinkles from showing up on your face. Taking just 400 mg of vitamin E nutrition supplement a day visibly improves skin texture, and helps stop the cell damage that leads to skin cancer. Nutrition supplement bonus: Research shows that vitamin E can lower your risk for heart disease.

Studies show that Coenzyme Q10 can counteract free radical damage, especially the depletion of cell membranes caused by UVA exposure. In English, that means less wrinkles, and a way to make up for all the years you forgot to apply sunblock. Nutrition supplement bonus: It can lower blood pressure and help shake off lethargy (because of the role it plays in energy production). And it’s so good at repairing skin cells that scientists are studying how it can reduce cancer tumors, and minimize the consequences of stroke.

Not only is Selenium an antioxidant, it speeds up your body’s natural ability to produce antioxidants. However, there is some evidence that mega doses of this nutrition supplement can cause hair loss, fatigue, unpleasant breath, white nails and, to some extent, even mild nerve damage. Stay within safe limits: your antiaging nutrition supplements should contain no more than 400 mgs. Nutrition supplement bonus: Research shows that it can also lower your risk for cancer by 18%.

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